Why I’m Opposed to Traditional Marriage

The title of this post probably catches you by surprise and you may be shutting me out before you even read this post. I don’t know, but I would ask that you read these thoughts and comment.

a_happy_marriage_pictureBefore I’m “stoned”, I need to say that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. So why am I opposed to traditional marriage? When we speak to people who do not know Christ, we need to speak in a way they can understand and relate. Several churches offer two types of worship services: traditional and contemporary.

Who is the traditional service targeted? Who is the contemporary service targeted? Correct me if I’m wrong, Continue reading

Jesus Wept

The account of Lazarus’ death in John 11 tells us that Jesus wept. Jesus got word that Lazarus was sick and noted that the sickness would not end in death, but would be for God’s glory (v. 3 & 4). Jesus knew this and so He stayed where he was another two days. When we hear that a loved one is sick and possibly near death, we drop what we are doing and rush to their side, yet Jesus stayed where He was, he didn’t see an urgency.

In verse 11, we see that Jesus tells his disciples that Lazarus had died, but He was going to “wake him” (raise him from the dead). Continue reading

Lessons from the Lawn

A few years ago I moved into a new development. So new that when I moved in, the grass had not yet been planted. Being a home owner for the first time, I now needed to care for the lawn. Suddenly the parable of the seed falling on good soil had a whole new meaning. But that wasn’t the only lesson I’ve learned from my lawn, there are several. Here a few of those lessons. Continue reading