Do You Have a Snapshot, or Panoramic, View of Scripture?

I am a part of a FaceBook group of men reading one chapter a day for the next several months. It is a group of young and old, “seasoned” Christians and younger Christians. As we go on this journey, I have realized that we are looking at snapshots of Scripture each day, and we are not taking a panoramic view.

I’ve noticed that when short sections of Scripture “speak to us”, Continue reading

Nursery, That’s Not Ministry, Is It?

church-nurseryThere may be some people who just view the nursery as a place to put infants so they are not disruptive and so adults can focus on the worship service and the message. I’m sure that there are those who opt not to serve because they see the nursery as a place that contains crying children and possibly messy diapers. In fact, you may have heard about a sign that is posted in church nurseries which reads, “We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed” (1 Corinthians 15:51, NIV). Of course using the verse in this context is incorrect as the passage is referring to the rapture. I encourage you to read it in context, but it shows the view many hold of the church nursery implying that it is not a ministry, but a service the church provides. It saddens me when those in the church view the nursery in such a way.

Building a foundation of faith

So when does God begin to work in the life of an individual? In Scripture we see that God knows us in the womb, even before He forms us in the womb! (Isaiah 44:2, Jeremiah 1:5) Continue reading

Would You Attend This Church?

emptypodiumImagine a church where every Sunday you did not know who was going to presenting the message. A church where every Sunday the music might be a little different.

Imagine a church that encouraged small groups to have a different person, that was different than the attendees, to lead them each week.

Imagine a church where you did not have a chance to “connect” with the pastor because you didn’t know who would be the “pastor” (who would lead) each week.

Would you attend a church like that? Continue reading