Sometimes they say “No”


Several years ago, I worked as a security guard in a shopping mall. The mall had a store that sold tickets to concerts and other events. Occasionally there would be an event that drew people to wait for hours, sometimes overnight to try to be the first to get tickets. Maybe you’ve done that yourself. It was during one of these ticket sales that I learned a valuable lesson about people. Continue reading

Can You Explain What You Believe?

sharingwitnessingI occasionally watch an atheist talk show that is aired on the internet (and on a local TV station). I do it not because I am an atheist, but because I believe that if we are to engage the world, then we need to leave the bubble of the church and understand what they are saying, how they view Christians.

Often they can offer advice to believers and make us think. Continue reading

Visitor Follow-up and E-mail


All of the churches that I have visited have had an information card available to be completed by visitors as well as regular attenders and members. On that information card is a place to put your e-mail address if you choose to do so. The question then becomes…..
What is the church to do with that e-mail address, especially if they were a first time visitor?

Continue reading