Confession: I’m Bi-

bi_vocational_pastorAs you network with other people involved in ministry, what is your first impression? Is it that they must serve full-time in ministry somewhere? Many people have thought that about me as I have served in ministry and maintained resource web sites offering guidance to many in ministry. As I served in the local church, there were members who thought that I was a full-time pastor.

The truth is…. I am bi. Continue reading

Are You Driving Them Away?

Wmydeskhen people ask me how I’m doing, I have to admit that I usually say “things are well, I’m just busy.”  While that is true, I may actually be inadvertently driving them away with that answer. For example, I generally try to make time to watch children in their various activities, school, sports, and whatever else. The hardest thing for me to do is get schedules, and I have had parents tell me that they didn’t want to bother me because they know I’m busy.  This, despite the fact that I try to stress that I really do want to see their kids in their activities.  The parents’ perceived level of my busyness actually keeps me from being able to do the thing I really want to do.  Regardless of how busy I actually am, or what I tell them about what I want to do, in the end, it is their perception of my level of busyness which is most important. Continue reading