Knowing Your Lines

I used to plan and run a family service where the children would help lead worship (songs) and some adults would help by participating in a skit to engage both young and old alike, sharing a spiritual truth. The service seemed to be well received.

After holding these types of services for over a year, about once a month, there was some discussion about them. One comment that came up was that if people were going to be in the skit, then they had to know their lines. learning_linesThere were a few times when it was apparent that the actor did not know their lines, and even though in other services, other actors forgot, or missed entire lines, Continue reading

What Good Deed Must I Do?

good_deeds_salvationMany people believe that they only have to be good to enter heaven when they die. That is a false belief. Man tries to do what they can to get to heaven and many religions are based on people doing good to get to heaven. They are being misled.

In Mathew 19:16-30 (and Luke 18:18-30), a rich young ruler comes to Jesus and asks Him what good deed must he do to have eternal life. Continue reading