About Me

My name is Bill Gunter, AKA Commander Bill to those in “Awana circles” and I live in York, PA

I am a speaker, conference workshop leader, pastor, blogger, etc. My desire is to see others grow closer to the Lord and to help them enhance their ministry.

Ministries I am currently involved:

  • CommanderBill.net

    A blog and online area of resources for those serving in Awana. It began as I offered guidance to others on the now defunct Awana forums and as a means to share ideas with one another.
  • Awana

    I assist Awana clubs in various ways and also serve on the ministry team of local Awana missionaries. I also set up and help maintain the missionaries web site for the missionaries in the Tri-State Region.
  • PB&J KidZone

    Originally started as an extension of my ministry to children in the local church, it is transitioning to a place where I share about children’s ministry and encourage those serving in children’s ministry and provide help for parents as they teach their children the things of God.